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What is a MOOC ?

A MOOC is a Massive Open Online Course, available worldwide and free of charge, which includes traditional learning elements, e.g. texts, multiple choice questions, as well as interactive elements, e.g. forum discussions, video conferences, and video with interlaced feedback.  

Why MOOCs?

MOOCs offer many benefits for both learners and instructors, and are excellent learning tools for different purposes: exam preparation, preparation for university studies, curiosity for academic knowledge, career enhancement, professional mobility, corporate training, personal learning, and more.

edX Membership

In September, 2019 the University of Bayreuth started producing MOOCs and in March, 2020 it partnered with edX — an educational platform founded by Harvard University and MIT that hosts a community of more than 34 million learners from all over the world. Find us on edX under BayreuthX


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Our Philosophy

The members of the MOOC Team are from diverse professional, cultural, and social backgrounds, sharing the same values when it comes to open education. We believe in the purpose of MOOCs – to allow anyone, anywhere, anytime, the access to high quality education. We are proud to serve the goal of our university to attract highly qualified students from all over the world, share our knowledge and build an international platform for our outstanding researchers at the same time. Also, we appreciate the opportunity to work with university staff members from all faculties and expand our knowledge through our work. And – we enjoy to be part of this committed team that creates innovative online courses and promote both digitalization and internationalization at the University of Bayreuth.

10 Reasons to Enroll in a MOOC: 

  • Strengthen your current knowledge and skills in a particular subject 
  • Gain new knowledge and skills  
  • Improve your career options 
  • Prepare yourself for an exam 
  • Get a certificate that upgrades your resume  
  • Check out the courses of a particular university 
  • Meet new people who are passionate about the same topic 
  • Join a community of over 34 million learners on edX 
  • Challenge yourself 
  • Try online education in general (to find out if it’s for you) 

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